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If your property is in need of a circuit breaker panel upgrade, give Haro Electric Solutions a call today. You can get completely safe and reliable panel upgrades for your home or business. Get in touch with our professionals based in Minneapolis, MN and we will conduct a thorough assessment of your property for panel repairs.

Homeowners with older, fuse-based panels should upgrade to modern circuit breakers.

Not only are they safer and easier to control, but state law requires a full-house rewiring after a panel upgrade. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your electrical system is in safe, working condition.

Our panel upgrade process:

STEP 1: Call us for a FREE estimate.


STEP 2: We’ll come to your property and explain how we’ll complete your panel upgrade with a cost breakdown. We’ll also explain to you what products or work will be necessary to bring your system up to code.


STEP 3: Once you’re satisfied, schedule the job. Most jobs can be completed within 1 day. Keep in mind that we will disconnect your power for the day. We will also take that time to pull a permit.

Quick and efficient service

STEP 4: On the day of the job, we'll drop the power line to your house, complete the installation of your new panel (removing the old wiring), label the panel and dispose of any waste. Then we'll hook up the power on the same day and you’re ready to go!


STEP 5: We'll schedule the inspection with the authorities at your convenience.


STEP 6: We fax an affidavit to your power company so that they can create a new permanent connection to your house and upgrade the wire, if necessary.

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